Yes, the benefits of yoga run deep and include lower high blood pressure, decreased risk of diabetes, and reduced anxiety, but let’s be honest, yoga has some pretty good benefits for your buttocks


Building strong and toned glutes and thighs can be accomplished with the following yoga poses. A lot of people don’t know that booty shapers are one of the best secrets of the fitness industry. If you want to achieve your ideal body, you don’t need to work out for hours in a gym. You can do all the squats and lunges you want, but doing yoga poses regularly will help you reach your goals. You always want a toned, sculpted body, and these moves will help you achieve that. You should treat it well and have a good time with your fitness routines. While you are twisting, holding, and balancing your way through the poses, you are carving out a healthy, uplifted, toned, long, lean, and strong lower part.

Poses (Asanas)

chair pose

chair for botty

high lunge

High Lunge with Prayer Twist

High Lunge with Prayer Twist (back knee down) 

Half Moon